The standard accommodation in Philippine ESL schools is either in a dormitory or in a hotel. Unlike in other English study destinations, homestays are not usually offered. Most living arrangements are located in the same building or near the school. In other cases, the school provides transportation (bus/van) back and forth. This service is usually scheduled every morning and every evening and is limited to the student’s commute to the school.

Dormitory rooms may be good for 1 to 8 persons. Rooms are regularly cleaned and bed sheets are frequently changed by the school. As for room assignments, occupants are mixed in nationalities. This is deliberately arranged so that students from different countries can interact with each other using the English language. It is the best way to foster communicative language learning and help students practice functional language.

Accommodation in a hotel is also available. This particular arrangement is offered to students who prefer to stay in a private space, especially for those working while studying. Room service is provided by the hotel and other conveniences they offer. This option is good for students who wish to stay at a more comfortable place and relax while studying English.