The best choice for a school is an English Philippines (EP) member school. The quality education of the member schools are secured by a rigid academic and management criteria. English Philippines is committed and firm in promoting and rendering excellent language teaching services by ensuring that its applicants are in compliance with its standards.

All English Philippines schools:

  • Must follow government regulations from the Bureau of Immigration (BI) and be accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority(TESDA);
  • Must hire highly skilled teachers and provide continuous employee training;
  • Must offer varied courses in ESL with a well-developed curriculum and well-established programs aimed at achieving student’s goals in all levels of learning;
  • Must substantially support students and aid them in their study and stay in the Philippines;
  • Must provide well-maintained facilities and services.
  • Visit (link) for a complete list of English Philippines members.

Member schools are located in different parts of the Philippines. Schools may vary, but are characterized by same standard provided by English Philippines. Regardless of their types and sizes, you are assured of quality in education and services.

You may however choose the most appropriate school to fit your learning style and needs. Each school has its own unique approach in ESL and provides different special deals on course offerings. Whatever choice you make, you can never go wrong with an English Philippines (EP) member.