The difference is that the Philippines has man-to-man classes which can cater specifically to each student’s English level. In other countries, there are only group classes which have around 20 students so each student doesn’t have the chance to talk or interact with the teacher. Also, the Philippines has around 10 hours of class per day while in the other countries, there is only 3 to 4 hours per day. The English academies in the Philippines also include accommodation and 3 meals a day in the total package. There are also 3 types of study styles to meet the individual needs. The first type is called Sparta, where students start classes around 6 in the morning until around 9 PM and cannot go out on weekdays but can go out on weekends if they follow the rules and attend the daily test. This is for the individual who wants a real intensive English study environment. Semi-sparta is a little bit less intensive as classes start at 8 AM and end at 6 PM. Students are allowed to go out on weekdays if they also follow the rules and attend the daily test. The last type is more of a freestyle where students only learn English for a couple of hours a day and are allowed to participate in any leisure activities like diving, sea sports and just relaxing during the evening.